A South African Reviews Tickmill

Tickmill gains the recognition as one of the successful emerging brokers. It was founded in 2015 and offers clients CFD’s on Energy, Indexes and more. When Armanda Markets moved its customers to Seychelles, Tickmill got a license in the United Kingdom. Here, the broker exerts full efforts in expanding its reach to clients.

Tickmill is regulated under the FCA. The broker has passports in the EU that serves a credible way of offering its services. Clients can expect managing their trades would be a success due to the fast and regulated approach by Tickmill. In 2017, Tickmill has acquired the Viper Markets that’s broker from Cyprus. From here, Tickmill offers a great way for it to expand its scope of service.

Customers trust the Tickmill broker due to its safe and secure database. So, there’s sure way for the clients to achieve success in their trading needs.


  • Tickmill offers clients trading tools that they can use for trading. Examples of these are silver, gold, crude oil, indices and more

  • It has an excellent choice of account types for all clients

  • The broker has the negative protection of balance in the United Kingdom

  • It offers a deposit protection option for all clients

  • There’s a reasonable amount of spreads for the small depositors

Trading Platforms

Traders and clients can choose from rich platforms such as the MT4 and MT5. Traders who use these trading platforms have the advantage of having a fast and reliable trade. But, it depends on how they would use platforms. Traders have a chance to gain success through easy trading options. Not only that. They can also expect technical and reliable results when it comes to the checking of their accounts.

It’s up to the clients what platform they would choose. But, the trader has a sure way to expect good trading results from this tools and platforms.

Types of Accounts

Traders can choose from the three accounts from Tickmill. Here, they can have the Classic Account that offers them no commissions. Then, there are the VIP and PRO accounts that are commission based. The commission of the two accounts is part of the lower spreads of the trader.

Every trader follows the requirement of a minimum balance. Clients are all welcome to make a change in their accounts depending on their needs. But in the end, they can expect a good result.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Tickmill has a very responsive deposit option. Why? Traders can make the deposit process via credit cards, bank accounts, and other options. These make the depositing process fast and reliable. Tickmill makes sure that clients have satisfaction when they deposit.

Meanwhile, the withdrawal options are open to all traders. They can withdraw during office hours. Take note: clients have an assurance of success in withdrawal at all times.


When it comes to the spread, there’s a competition when it comes to Tickmill. Traders can have minimum spreads. It amounts to 0.0 pips. It’s different from the spreads of other brokers that have high spreads. Clients can also expect a reliable trade process due to these spreads


The low commission rate of Tickmill is ideal for most traders. The low spreads make it possible for the traders to achieve their trade goals. Also, some traders can get discounts depending on the accounts that they would use. It’s possible if they have a VIP account.


Tickmill offers an expert support team who ensures a fast service to all clients. They assure that managing the accounts of each client would be a success. The client can also gain information he or she needs. Each client gains the satisfaction in making a reliable trade.


  • Tickmill offers successful and reliable platforms that make the trading process

  • It offers low spreads that suit client standards


  • Some traders don’t like the platform, and they look for other platforms

  • Payment and trading options sometimes lack the information that traders need. It can result in difficulty in managing an account


Tickmill offers impressive platforms that most clients need. The broker assures they have easy and fast trading options. The deposit and withdrawal options give ease and excellence to the traders. Also, this o broker assures satisfaction to all clients using low commissions.


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